How To Become an Opera Star

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Short of getting on a show like America’s Got Talent, or having a personal video go viral on YouTube, the path to becoming an opera star is going to be a long and difficult one. However, below are some basic tips to get you started upon the right path.

Learn a Foreign Language

There are numerous operas, which have been composed in English. However, many of the great operas are written in languages other than English. If you are intending to sing opera, you should understand the language and master pronunciation.  There are numerous ways that you can begin your studying. You could study courses over the internet, at a school or hire a tutor. Among the languages which you should consider are German, Italian and Spanish. Learn as many as you can.


Opera is a craft and as such you will need to learn and hone your skills. You will have to spend at least two or three hours each and every-day  practicing. However, you must be careful and make sure that you are practicing correctly. You would not want to cause permanent damage to your voice. One thing which many serious singers do is to take courses in anatomy. They learn how the vocal cords function and operate.

Hire a Professional

Get a great vocal coach. This is not a substitute for school; it is an extension. Learning can never start too early, even extremely young individuals can learn and benefit from professional instruction.  Many professors at the colleges and universities take on additional students outside of school. They may even have classes for extremely young students or older ones.


Learn as much as possible about music. This includes learning sight reading and theory. Music is the key to singing, and you should be able to read and write the language.

Learn to Play an Instrument

Learning to play an instrument can give you valuable insight into the world of music. This skill will not only help you to improve your sight reading and theory; it can assist you with your practice sessions. Knowing how to play a piece of music on the piano can help you to learn your roles much faster.


An opera singer is far more than a singer; they are in fact an actresses and/or an actor. As such you should learn the craft of acting.

On Stage

There is no substitute to being in front of an audience. Audition for everything and anything. This includes both singing and non singing roles. Get on stage as often as you possibly can. Join a local opera group or a community theatre.

Listen to Opera

Start listening to operas. Listen to the same opera over and over. Listen to it being performed by as many different troupes as possible. Get a printed version of the opera and follow along with the words.  Go to and see productions. Watch and learn from professionals.

If you are serious about becoming an opera star, these are a few of the things that you can do. However, these are just the starting point. Years of formal training and hard practice are going to be required if you truly want to achieve your dream.

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